ATAD March 2015

036 – New undies.
037 – Fake photo album safe.
038 – Power bank for my phone.
039 – Black jeans.
040 – Blue jeans.
042 – 2 black tops. My fav. Need more.
043 – Black skirt (super sale plus coupon means 2 jeans, 2 more of my fav tops and a skirt for €31!!).
044 – Undies.
045 – White bodysuit pyjama thing.
046 – Black lacey thing.
047 – Sheets. Only had 2 which is bad when I don’t have time to do laundry for weeks.
049 – 2 pillow cases. 4 for 2 pillows isn’t enough.
050 – Hangers. Needed more.
051 – Clothes rack. The one I had belongs to my roomie who is moving out so I had to return it.
052 – Candle. Not needed, but ikea. It happens.
053 – Akupressure mat. Supposed to be good for my sleep. Too chicken to try it yet. Looks painful.
054 – Blue skirt.
055 – Blue wristlet that I LOVE!
056 – Grey leggings.
057 – Tights.
058 – Black body suit/pyjama thing. Already have the white one and they are super comfy!
059 – Fancy italian lingerie. Bc I felt like pampering myself.
070 – VS undies. Bc we don’t have them in Sweden and I felt like it.
072 – Black lace undies + top.
074 – Silk top + shorts (on sale so couldn’t not buy it!!)
077 – 3 books bought at the airport bc I forgot mine at home. Bad, I know.
078 – Grey fancy work shirt.
079 – Hair bands. Almost lost all of mine.
080 – Necklace. Because pretty.
081 – Coffee table. I didn’t own one and the livingroom looked ridiculous without one.
085 – 4 chairs. Free from dad with the bonus that he doesn’t want them back. Need them as I have a table for 8 but only had 3 chairs. Good enough for now and will sell them when I have to move out.

086 – Dresser. Bought from ex roomie. Might need it. If not; will re sell it.

118 – Blue adidas weekend bag. Don’t like the fact that it was a fake even though I loved the bag. And I bought a new slightly smaller bag in February. So yeah. Bye.
119 – Wall plug for phone. My dad has bought phones for his gf’s son and his tennant who isn’t Swedish so I’m trying to find everything I don’t need for them so he/they don’t have to buy it.
120 – USB charger for iphone 4. Brand new but I already have 2 (!!) and I’m only using my work phone which is an iPhone 5S anyway. Which I also have 2 USB’s for. :)
121 – Phone case I got from work, my dad says he doesn’t mind the logo.
122 – Key thingie to open SIM thingie on iPhones. I had two.
123 – Hoarded batteries for a bank thingie I don’t even have anymore. WWIT?
124 – Used up surplus cleaning product.
125 – Uncomfy undies in the bin.
127 – 2 tops.
128 – Tunic.
129 – Work polo as in our company logo + year. Will try to give it to our office manager. I would never wear it.
130 – A lone earring. Which was lonely already going back to Sweden from Australia. WWIT?
131 – Laughing cat socks got a hole in them = fabric recycling.
132 – Nifty storage back for the acupressure mat that I realize I will never use and I do not need another thing just hanging around = plastic recycling.
133 – TV cable lurking in my tool box.¨
134 – Bike key. Haven’t owned a bike with a key like that for at least 4 years = binned (it feels very strange binning keys).
135 – Spare beige internet cable. I only use wireless. And I already have a black one.
136 – Ugly plastic thingimabob to fasten the string for my black out curtain to the wall. Do not like and haven’t needed it for 2 years = plastic recycling.
137 – TV cable splitter thing. Haven’t even owned a TV for years.
138 – Surfboard keyring from Australia.
139 – Candle holder.
140 – Used up a block candle (as I listed buying one I should list ”finishing” one – I now have five.)
141 – Odd small glass.
147 – 6 IKEA glasses I bought for less than €3 to have in the shared kitchen. Sick of them now so unpacked my pretty blue glasses.
150 – 3 odd wineglasses.
155 – 5 plastic butter knifes I have not missed (they have been in a moving box since I moved in here).
156 – Small teddy bear magnet. Too cute for my style.
157 – Small pair of scissors. I already have plenty.
158 – Cheese cutter that slices too thin.
159 – Extension cord for small plugs only.
160 – Various things left behind by previous roomies like a broken string of lights and lamp shades etc. A bag full but count as one as they weren’t exactly mine to begin with – just mine to deal with.
163 – 3 tupperware boxes I don’t like and haven’t missed (in a box since I moved in here 2 years ago).
164 – Aussie beer cozy. Will never ever use.
165 – Wire/curtain holder thingie I’ve owned for years but still in it’s packaging.
166 – USB stick that was damaged. Tried to fix it but couldn’t format it so gave up. In electric recycling.
167 – Colander. Pretty sure it’s not mine. Have another one that I unpacked.
168 – Tights that broke first time I put them on. SIGH.
169 – Book (one that I bought at the airport).
170 – Hooks from the bathroom that were plastic and ugly and constantly loose. In plastic recycling.
172 – 2014 years tax papers + a bunch of sentimental paperwork scanned and originals shredded and recycled.
179 – 7 small/white wineglasses. Pretty sure I had three sets when moving in here. WWIT? One set of 7 is just fine. They’re cheap ones anyway so if I would break all 7 that I have I can simply buy new ones, don’t need to store cheap crap for years just in case.
180 – Blue pillow case. Bought turqoise ones and this one must have been hiding in the laundry when I donated the other blue ones.
181 – Three doors from the apartment carried up to the attic. One of them have never been attached to anything, I just haven’t gotten around to moving it as I have to carry it up a flight of stairs. :P Finally got sick of it and removed two other doors to make the apartment feel more spacious and less door-y. It makes a HUGE difference. Feels great now. :)



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