ATAD May 2015

182 – Holey socks to fabric recycling.
183 – Top.
184 – Dried up pen in the bin.
185 – Candle holder.
186 – Magnet.
186 – Ring.
187 – Broken ring in the trash.
188 – Small toy to plastic recycling.
190 – 2 books.
191 – Old balcony lights covers.
192 – Broken hairbrush (already had a spare).
193 – Can opener (had 2).
194 – Pie form left by someone who used to live here. Not sure who, but 2 were left so I’m keeping one.
195 -Plastic flower pot.
196 – Holey socks to fabric recycling. I have so many socks that I actually become really happy when I see that a pair has holes. Haha. I’ve packed half of my sock hoard away to use up a few faster than if I had them all out at the same time. It seems to be working, but sloooooowly.
197 – Chargable batteries size AAA. Got rid of the speaker that I bought these for months ago. Oops? Freecycled them to a lady that picked them up today.
198 – Multicoloured pen that I’ve had since I was a child. Dried out so binned it. I am now down to ONE jar of pens, not 3! Yay!
199 – A pile of paperwork from when I lived in Ireland scanned and originals recycled. Not sure if I need to keep the ones I did keep… P60 and such. Hm. Need to investigate…
200 – Nail polish that had separated.
201 – Lense box. Have several and only allowed to use daily contacts anyway.
202 – Book where the glue had come undone in the sun making half of the book just loose pages that were all over the place within five minutes. Great read so I sorted all the pages and re read it and as I read along I chucked the loose pages in the recycling bin.
203 – Eyeshadow in the bin.
204 – Broken anklet in the bin.
205 – House shaped shelf I fell in love with, bought, and fell out of love with.
206 – Contact lense case. These things seem to multiply on their own?
207 – Some wine bottles. Hic. (in my defense, one of them only had half a glass left, one was a tiny 250ml bottle and the bottle of bubbly was shared with friends so it’s not as bad as it sounds.)
208 – More paperwork recycled.
209 – Holey socks. They were given to me by my dad when I was six or seven years old… They just don’t make clothes the way they used to. Thank you for a half a lifes worth of service ugly brown socks, you’ve treated my feet very well. :)
210 – Bag strap. Have two. Never used either but kept one for Justin.
211 – Purse that is cute but has no straps and no way of attaching them in a nice way. Also, brown/cognac. Hard to find the right colour straps.
212 – Necklace w bling. Not used in the last 10 yrs.
213 – Plain necklace which was a gift from friends but I have others I’d rather wear.
214 – Pillow. Bought one for my new tennant but she wants her own (UK Size) so I’m keeping the Swedish one and donating my old lumpy one.
215 – Reusable fabric bag. Still have two left. Prob only need one… but Justin…
216 – Meds for my gastritis that hasn’t re appeared. Yay! Now that I have a contractor that is actually helping I doubt I will get that stressed again. :) Gave them to a colleague (they’re prescription free, wouldn’t give away drugs) who eats them often.
217 – Tupperware.
218 – My all time fav boots. They’ve been broken for over a year but I didn’t have the heart to let go. Binned them today. :(
219 – Tea strainer. Three in my kithen cabinet and none are mine. Put the ratty looking one in the recycling bin.
220 – Electric parts. In the apartment when I moved in but we won’t ever need these. And it’s a rental so the landlord would fix it anyway.
221 – Plastic lid that was somewhat cracked in the recycling bin.
222 – Adrian Mole hardback book.
223 – Onans book.
224 – Earrings.
225 – Multi coloured disco ball.
226 – Holey and sun faded socks.
227 – Holey lace socks.
228 – Spare duvet donated. I keep thinking I ”need” it but no need for the last 2 years so off it goes.
229 – Box for my iPhone4S. Put the need to keep stuff in a tiny zip lock instead.
230 – Magnet pages to make your own magnets but the sticky side had dried up -> bin.
231 – Book.
233 – 2 glass bowls
235 – 2 white bowls
239 – 4 egg cups
240 – Chicken coffee mug.
241 – Garlic grater that mostly get my fingers instead of the garlic. Ouch.
243 – 2 small meassuring cups. Already have a full set.
244 – Electric coffee whisk.
246 – 2 tea strainers.
247 – Muddler.
248 – White towel.
249 – White dress with hole returned. Crap quality.
251 – 2 weights never used.
252 – Set of mirrors to return (unopened).
253 – Plastic coaster. Yuk.
255 – 2 fabric coasters.
256 – Table lamp.

087 – Stick blender.
088 – Kettle (didn’t own one and my new tenant wants one!)
089 – Stick on photo frame for my fridge.
090 – Top.
091 – Stick on chalk board for weird empty space in livingroom.
092 – Chalk board pen. Can’t stand the sound of chalk.
093 – Candle holder for a hook in the fireplace. Looks cute!
094 – Flower pot.
095 – Plastic lilac.
096 – New duvet.
097 – Jar candle.
098 – New covers for our solar powered balcony lights. The old ones have been outside for years and look absolutely gross.
099 – Blue ikea bag for my new tenant to leave laundry in.
100 – Tupperware for my new tenant.
101 – Hangers for my new tenant.
102 – Fake sheepskin rug for my new tenants room.
103 – Tea lights (scented).
104 – Stool.
106 – 2 sets of adhesive mirrors. For the hallway and for my new tenants room.
107 – Pillow.
108 – Frame for my new art print.
109 – Art print.
110 – Curtains for my new tenant.
112 – 2 chair cushions for my balcony chairs.
114 – 2 duvet sets for my new tenant.
115 – Lamp for my new tenant.
116 – bedside lamp for my new tenant.
118 – 2 sheets for my new tenant.
124 – 6 towels for my new tenant.
125 – Shower caddy bc I don’t have one and there is no other space to keep shampoos and stuff.
126 – Small (hot pink!) cutting board.
127 – Bedside table for the new tenant.
128 – Green dress.
129 – Burgundy beach dress.
130 – White tank top.
131 – Aloe Vera cream. Did laser hair removal and the laser dude said I would need it. Don’t think I do as I have no pain, but will still use it for a few days just in case.
132 – Plastic carpet for the balcony.
133 – Red kitchen knife. Cute and on sale AND half price on the sale price.
134 – Shower curtain holders with bling on them. Will use as S-hooks to hang some of my handbags. I feel a purge coming on and want to take better care of the ones I like.
135 – Table runner. My big oak table looks so bare and this was on sale for €2,50 and in neutral colours and pretty. So yeah. Looks very nice. :)
136 – Anklet
143 – Undies
144 – Necklace.
145 – Owl in silver.
147 – 2 frames.
148 – Extension cords.
149 – Candle. Smells divine.
150 – Curtains for the colleagues room. Black out curtains so I wouldn’t have to drill in the walls to put up drop-down curtains.
151 – Bin for the colleagues room.



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