ATAD Juni 2015

257 – Plastic shoe horn. Have a metal one I like way better.
258 – Red umbrella with a super cute strap to wear over the shoulder but after living in Ireland I rarely use umbrellas anyway. Kept a blue smaller one.
259 – My stereo. Out of the CoC and freecycled to a lady who said she had been looking for one like this for ages. Sentimental to let go but it still feels right. The stereo should be in use, not just sitting in a dusty corner of my apartment bc I am sentimental.
260 – Parts of old sheets to cover ugly couch to fabric recycling.
261 – Hanging candle holder left behind by someone at some stage.
265 – Four forks.
269 – Four knives.
273 – Four spoons.
274 – Bottle stopper.
275 – Bag clips. A few. Counts as one as I never bought them, they were just left here.
276 – Used up vitamins I will not replace.
277 – Old cough syrup back to the pharmacy for safe disposal.
278 – Used up jams with cute jars but *gasp* recycled the jars immediately.
279 – Blue top that made me feel frumpy.
280 – Grey top that made me feel frumpy.
281 – Red dress that… guess what? Made me feel frumpy.
282 – Blue tank top with ink stains that wont come out (to fabric recycling)
283 – Holey socks to fabric recycling.
284 – Shoe rack given to my dad who was super happy as he needed one and this one was sturdy and nice.
285 – Small box from one of the bathrooms that held sponges etc for cleaning. Unsanitary in my opinion so contents in trash and box to be donated.
286 – A bunch of large paper lanterns we had in the livingroom as decoration. Sold all but one this morning (they were glued together so I couldn’t fold them flat so she couldnt carry more). Yay, they are gone!
287 – Lace curtains. Not my style. Sold.
288 – Curtain rail. Only need 2 in the new place and I have four here. Sold.
290 – Two hideous orange chairs. Sold.
291 – Pretty handle holder I accidentally smashed while moving a table. I’m a klutz.
292 – Large grey carpet sold
293 – Pink chair with green cushion (!!!) freecycled.
294 – Another set of vitamins used up and will not replaced. Started on the omega-3 today which are my last set of ”I should try this”.
295 – Lamp sold.
296 – White dresser sold.
297 – Coffee table sold! For €10 more than I bought it for. :)
298 – Set of unopened mirrors returned to Ikea for cash.

299 – Unopened black out curtains returned to Ikea for cash.

300 – Potting soil given to dad as he has almost all of my plants anyway. :lol:

301 – Coffee (unopened) and coffee filters from my pantry given to my brother and his gf. They drink a lot of coffee and I don’t even have a coffee maker.

302 – Large dish rack freecycled.

303 – Pie form given to the freecycler that picked up the dish rack.

304 – x bottles of wine. I have been bringing wine to all the dinners I’ve attended the last few weeks. Now I have 3 bottles left which is not too bad for the move. I’m quite happy about it. :)

305 – Towel that looked a bit ratty.
306 – 2 more pot holders.
308 – Random kitchen stuff (not mine) donated.
310 – 2 white bowls donated.
312 – Pots and pans given to my friend who works at a kindergarden for the kids to play with. She asked if I had any and the ex roomie left a lot so my friend picked up the appropriate (non breakable) stuff last night.
320 – Assorted kitchen stuff I don’t want like butter knifes and cheese cutters and small knifes and tea thingies and stuff I can’t even remember anymore. All to be donated.

321 – Dress returned for gift card as I haven’t been able to find the receipt.
322 – Black out curtains sold and picked up yesterday.
323 – Wine stash. It’s been ongoing this month but after yesterday’s dinner I am now down to three bottles which is good. One of the bottles had even gone bad so I need to not have as many at home. Mission accomplished. ;)
325 – 2 balcony chairs sold.
326 – Balcony table sold.
327 – Ceiling lamp freecycled.
328 – Curtain rod given to my brother and his gf as they still don’t have curtains on all their windows.

329 – Kitchen thingies such as cling film etc given to my brothers gf as I won’t be able to use it all but she bakes and cooks a lot and was very happy to have them.
330 – Freecycled a bed frame. I have two and this one was heavier so bye bye. :)
331 – Grey couch sold.
332 – White couch in the trash (trying to freecycle it for three weeks on various forums but no luck).
333 – an anklet. It was given to me by a Thai woman on my holiday a year ago ”for luck” but all the beads have fallen off and it looked very tatty so I took a pic and binned it.
334 – Electric kettle freecycled.
335 – Shower curtain binned (my last place had the fixed rod way too low so I had cut the bottom part off so I wouldn’t have to stand on it in the shower so there really was no use in keeping it).
336 – Tights that got a hole today binned as soon as I got home.
344 – 2 sheets (barely used, from colleagues room in old place) given to a freecycler that has collected stuff from me for years now. Lol. We’re almost friends. She gave me a fancy juice as a thank you. :D
345 – Bedside table from colleagues room. Sold for cheap.
346 – Another curtain rod freecycled with all its parts. She gave me three books as a thank you. They’re large as bricks. And I want to read them. Damnit. :lol:
348 – 2 toilet brushes from the old place binned.
349 – My fav track suit bottoms. The butt part is so sheer it’s almost see through so I must stop wearing them. :oops: In fabric recycling.
350 – Bed frame sold.
351 – Mattress sold.
352 – Hanging fabric shelf given to my friend who saved me with screws for the bed legs.
353 – Spare duvet sold.
354 – One apple box freecycled. I did not have as many books as I thought. SERIOUSLY. I DID NOT have as many books as I thought. NOT. I am furiously happy about this.
355 – Freecycled a table I’ve been trying to sell for years. Sunk cost etc. Very happy to reclaim some space. FINALLY. :)
356 – Ratty looking spatula in the bin (I have another one).
357 – Whisk. Duplicate.
358 – Measuring cups. Duplicates.
360 – 2 butter knifes. I like regular knifes better.
361 – Coffee mug.
366 – 5 bracelets.
368 – 2 belts.
370 – 2 Tupperware containers.
371 – Cutlery tray that doesn’t fit in this apt.
372 – Candle holder. Still have plenty.
373 – Book. Duplicate. Oops.
374 – Small fabric bag.
375 – Small lamp.
381 – 6 wooden hangers.
385 – 4 pants hangers.
386 – Cutlery stand for drying dishes. As I live alone now I don’t need it.
388 – 2 knifes.
389 – super long TV cable.
390 – Bed spread.
391 – Finished book.
392 – Large cutting board. Always reach for the small one anyway so why keep this one?
393 – Magnet. Pretty but I think I have too many.
394 – Balcony lights. I no longer have a balcony. So yeah. Freecycled. Quite pleased to have my space back.
395 – Old phone case.
396 – A bunch of wall paper rolls left behind in a closet. With only three small closets I can not keep stuff for Justin. Took some effort to freecycle but they are gone now. :)
397 – All the paperwork related to my old apartment. Most of it recycled and 3 ”important” pages packed for work tomorrow where they will be scanned and then shredded.
398 – small carpet. Not needed in my new place and definitely not nice enough to keep for Justin.

152 – New smaller dish rack. Tiny kitchen in the new apt. :)
153 – Napkin holder. Not needed but oh pretty. And maybe now I’ll actually start using the napkins I have.
154 – Wellies. I didn’t have any so very much needed as pretty much none of my regular shoes can stand water.
155 – Toilet roll holder. This place has built in ones, next one does not. So I need one. And this one was on sale and matching my towels etc.
156 – Wooden legs for my bed. No space for the frame in the new place. :(
157 – Nuts and plates for the legs. The girl who sold me them ”forgot” to mention she was missing a few parts so had to buy new ones. But I bought the legs for €3 so I guess I shouldn’t complain.
158 – Small foldable cooler bag. I don’t have one and want to transport the food in one when moving.
159 – Toilet brush for cleaning. Don’t want to move the old ones I’ve had for 2+ years here.
160 – Night gown. Been lusting for it for months and finally caught it on sale for €15.
162 – 2 bras. Sale. Anything under €15 in my size I buy.
163 – Undies. Bc matching with the new bra. Also on sale.
164 – Make up organizer. I used to have everything in my travel bag but now that I have my own bathroom I actually want to unpack and make things pretty. So yeah.
165 – Shelf to put in the closet that has retarded shelving that tips over if something is put at the front. Idiot shelves are in storage and this one fits so my laundry rack and acupressure mat fits next to it. Win!
168 – 3 books (see details in OUT).
169 – Shelf for the bathroom given for free by a friend of mine. YAY! Same one as the one I bought for my closet but with a bit darker wood. Looks very pretty and now I can clearly see what I need to use up etc. I’m quite pleased.
170 – Bed. That I can put legs on. Bc bedroom is too small for a bed frame.
171 – Under the bed storage box. Need to be able to unpack the rest. :lol:
173 – 3 apple boxes. Didn’t feel like buying a book case as I know I’m moving in a year or so… And found a neighbour online that sold apple boxes. Lightweight. Sorta cute. Stackable. Might tint them darker or perhaps ask my brother to spray paint them. Quite pleased with this.
174 – The person who sold me the bed legs gave me the wrong screws. SERIOUSLY. So after much panic and swering my friend told me he had some. So. In: Another set of bed legs. With the correct screws this time. He even helped me put them on and flip the bed right in the 2x2m bedroom which I would not have been able to do on my own. YAY! BEDROOM! My brother also stopped by and helped me put up the curtain rod in there so I might actually get a good nights sleep tonight without the sun in my face at 4 AM. YAAAY!
175 – Coffee table. Finally found one second hand that I liked. And she managed to make a stain on in just before I picked it up. SIGH. I’m hoping I can oil it a bit. But man it is HEAVY. Did not expect that. Got it for free. Woop woop!
176 – Handbag. Because I don’t know why.
177 – Foldable vase. Very neat. On sale.
180 – Undies.
181 – New phone case. Old one looked very scruffy and this one was €2.
184 – 3 books given to me by freecycler. Damn. :lol:
185 – Foldable travel bed for babies. I am babysitting the twins for the first time by myself this Saturday and they are spending the night. Their mom said they’re fine to sleep in my bed but I’m not sure how much sleep I would get! :lol: Found one online for €10 so worth a try. If they don’t want to sleep in it I will simply re sell it. I’m excited for their first sleepover though!!
186 – Pants.



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