ATAD July 2015

399 – Freecycled a mop.
400 – Huge (2x1meter) and heavy oak dining room table SOLD!
404 – 4 dining room chairs sold. They weren’t even in the ad but he wanted them so why not? :D
405-406: Tupperware.
407-408 – 2 shot glasses
409 – Unopened curtain rod/wire I’ve had for 10 years or so. Enough time for Justin. Funny enough – I offered it to my brother who confessed he also has this exact one, unopened just like mine but he had ”only” had his for 4 or 5 years. Haha. Oops? Freecycled it to a lady who promised to actually use it. :)
410-411 – Packets of screws and plates that I no longer need as I got my friends set for the legs of the bed.
412 – Book.
413 – Shower shelf too big for one person.
414 – Tupperware that still smell like fish even after scrubbing it. :(
415 – Stupid shelves from the closet. Tried freecycling them on several forums but no luck so in the trash they went.
416 – Frame.
417 – Large glass dish to keep candles on.
419 – 2 boxes of bulbs to lamps I no longer own freecycled.
420 – Perfume freecycled.
421 – Curtain rod freecycled. My last spare! YAY! They’re all gone. *does little happy dance*
422 – Nike hoodie sold.
423 – Balcony mat sold.
424 – Christmas window-light sold.
425 – Door mat binned.
426 – White nail polish given to my brothers gf.
428 – 2 undies to fabric recycling.
429 – Used up a lip balm.
430 – Used up a face mask.
431 – Used up random toiletries like papers to use under your eyes while doing an eyelast tint etc. Counts as one.
432 – High healed shoes. Pinchy. Never worn. Dropped off to charity.
433 – TV cable to charity. I don’t even have a TV.
434 – Glue to charity.
435 – A few magnets to charity.
436 – Table lamp sold. My last spare!
438 – 2 chair cushions given to my brother and his gf (I always ask first before bringing stuff over, I don’t just dump it on them).
439 – Shorter extension cord (replaced by long one).
440 – Heaps of papers no longer needed in the new apartment.
441 – Under bed storage box sold. Didn’t need it! Yay!
442 – White stool sold.
446 – 4 Towels sold.
448 – Two pillow cases sold.
450 – Two duvet covers sold.

187 – Art print.
188 – Freddy Wr up pants.
189 – Black cardigan. My go to item for work and I only had two… and I haven’t found the laundry room yet ( :oops: ) so it was necessary.
190 – Floor lamp. Bought for cheap from a neighbour and as I don’t have a ceiling lamp in the living room this is sort of needed. :)
191 – Soap pump. Couldn’t stand looking at the cheap neon orange soap but I still want to use it up.
192 – Thin lamp shade in metal.
194 – 2 packs of velvety non-slip hangers.
195 – Extension cord for my tiny bedroom so the cable can go under the bed instead of on top of it.
196 – Potato press.
197 – Glass jar with plastic lid.
198 – Long black skirt.
199 – Postcard from photographic museum.
200 – Kids book from photographic museum.
201 – Sunglasses bc I forgot mine at home and I was getting a headache. Only €5.
202 – Lavender night gown.
203 – Hair bun.
204 – Toilet roll holder in gold.
205 – Packing tape. One of the roomies stole mine when they moved out.
206 – Grey body.
207 – Tin box.
208 – Black bell-bottom pants.
209 – Sun glasses case.
210 – Leopard leggings. Because I love silly pants.
212 – 2 long sleeved black shirts that I can wear to work. I didn’t have any for the in between weather when it’s not hot or cold so very much needed.
213 – White tube top. Hopefully it works under pretty dress to make it less cleavage:y.
215 – 2 cards used up from my stash (which is still too large for my liking so need to keep using them up).
216 – Large glass lamp that looks like the poop emoji on iphones. :lol: Will try to auction it off as it’s a vintage Orrefors so hoping I can get at least €100 for it. With the added bonus that it’s one less thing in my dads crap shed (that he calls garage).
217 – One medium grey black out curtain. Didn’t read properly when ordering. :lol: Have ordered one more now. Very necessary for my tiny bedroom as the old black out curtains were dark blue making my 2x2m bedroom feel even smaller. Also, new ones are the sixe of the window whereas old ones are floor length (which does not work in such a tiny space).



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